Jhoulys Chacin: Ready to Face San Francisco

Some statements from Jhoulys, courtesy of his publicist Augusto Cardenas

«I’m excited to get a chance to open the season in Colorado. I have been assigned that responsibility since they told me they wanted someone who knew the Giants very well, so they could have the best opener possible at home, in front of our fans. I’ve had great outings in the past against the Giants so I’m ready to face them».

«My goal will be to pitch as many innings as possible so I can give my team a chance to win. I will face batters, try to throw my fastball into strikes and get outs quickly, that’s what will allow me to go as far as possible during the game».

«I focused myself during Spring Training in my fastball command, that’s what I worked on the most and I’m satisfied with the results, even though the numbers tell a different story (1-3, 5.81). I think I have more command over my fastball. I threw it a lot during Spring Training and that’s why I got hit a little more. Now during the regular season, things will be different, I will mix my breaking pitches with my fastball and I expect to have better results»

«I was assigned the fourth spot so I can be the first starter at home. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything else. Independently of that, we must all go out in every start to pitch like we are aces. With some few off dates during the month, things will be the way they should, and I will pitch behind Jeremy Guthrie. Even though, this is not what really matters to me. What matters is that I’m in the rotation and I have the chance to pitch every five days».

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